World Education System Model

The reasons EFL has embark on English as First Language curriculum is mainly due to the disparity in standards between the ESOL or EFL and language learned from top countries in the world. The easy material and level from the early years cognitively hampers a child’s acquisition of English as First language. Studies have shown that students who learn first language material from the age of 5 to 12 would eventually be proficient in English as a first language speaker. Currently based on the OECD 2009 reports some of top countries in education where English is taught as first language are Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore. EFL curriculum design and padegogy is based on Australia and Singapore, therefore its more robust and accelerates English Language Learning from the early stages of the learning process.

2009  Programme for International Student Assessment — test scores
# Reading – Overall Mathematics Science
1 China: Shanghai  556  China: Shangha 600  China: Shangha 575
2 Korea 539 Singapore 562 Finland 554
3  Finland 536  Hong Kong 555  Hong Kong 549
4  Hong Kong 533   Korea 546  Singapore 542
5  Singapore 526 Chinese taipei 543   Japan 539
6  Canada 524    Finland 541   Korea 538
7  New Zealand 521  Liechtenstein 536    New Zealand 532
8   Japan 520   Switzerland 534    Canada 529
9  Australia 515   Japan 519    Estonia 528
10   Netherlands 508    Canada 527   Australia 527

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